Day 3 of #YouAreEnough30,: Also in Chapter One, I talk about how sometimes it takes losing yourself to find yourself. Share a time you felt lost, and how you got “found.”

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3 times I officially Lost myself in my 20’s and I didn’t find myself again until my 30th birthday. My losing myself always had a man somewhere far off in the distance. I had goals things I wanted to accomplish in life but the man I decided to marry and have children with didn’t want my dreams and goals to flourish and instead of standing up for myself and waking up at that moment I waited 8 years and after two children to find myself. I thought to find myself was to get in a relationship with a man 6 years younger than me and not even halfway done  cooking in the  oven.  This man was insecure ,jealous  of  my children ,and  wanted to be  put  first above  everything and  all things  and to add  insult to injury refused to pay bills and  loved to keep his hands  on me. I left  him to find my stronger self or so I thought and I couldn’t have been anymore vulnerable When I met the  man that changed the whole Mindset of  myself , my mothering and  the reason I started this  blog. I hit rock bottom as far as emotions go when I was with Marcus for 3 years  He was a verbal abuser . He lived for demeaning others  which after leaving the relationship it was because he wasn’t happy with who he was as a man . Go figure people who are  unhappy hurt other people who would have thought  .

I found  myself  the  most with him since the experience  taught  me that I needed to step back and find  myself and think about what I wanted from life, and the next guy I want  in my life. I learned  over the  last 3 years my deal breakers and  what is important to me  if I wanted someone  in my life to compliment it  . 33 year old Kay is  more open I have divested and a total revamp of  18 year old  Kay and I am forever grateful for losing myself  several times to find myself the one time it was very important.