“Today is about progress, not perfection.”

So I was able to complete a good majority of today’s workout. I was also able to complete a few meditations this morning as well which set my mind at ease and got me set up and prepared for the day.

I also completed a yoga session which has allowed me not to feel sore for the better part of the day I am noticing that my knees at the end of the day are swelling which I have never in my entire existence on this planet have ever felt my knees feel like that.

That is a concern for me I will be closely monitoring that feeling because it is something that I just need to pay very close attention to today’s workout did not go very well today so I had to stop a lot I sweated profusely and I woke up in the morning with migraine also something that is very uncommon with me I seldom have migraines so I’m going to assume that more so has to do with the fact that I’m not drinking as much water as I should be especially with me adding these workouts in with the daily schedule I received my latest order from purple carrot and I have two meals that are my hands-down favorite for this week so I had a bagel that was absolutely divine vegan of course and the spinach and artichoke grilled cheese sandwich was also vegan and also amazing it also included jalapenos which just gave it an additional kick and the fact that I didn’t actually use any real cheese I couldn’t even tell the difference. I also had a chance to replant my tomatoes today so I spent a lot of time outside on the patio working on getting the plants removed and placed into a grow bag so I’m excited to see how the tomatoes will come out. And I ended my day when I had a craving for a milkshake I made a Shakeology shake that tasted like coffee and it was actually pretty good so kudos on my blender with the ice and I put water in it and it helps curb the cravings it filled me up and oddly I had hadn’t had a headache all day and I had to shake at the moment that I finished the shake it cleared up the entire headache so I went to go look at the packaging to see what exactly was in it and it’s filled with a hell of vitamins and hell of nutrients and stuff to help out with your electrolytes and you know to ensure that you’re not dehydrated so I guess that will be my go-to the next time I have like a raging headache in the middle of the day I’ll go and have a shake and see if that’ll help it’s a subside instead of me reaching for the headache medication and I’m up in my water intake.

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