Things to avoid after a toxic relationship( part 6)



Things to avoid after a toxic relationship

Putting out on the first date.

I know I know coming from my sexually liberated ass this is shocking advice lol.  I am only giving you advice from experience men don’t know what they want. They want a woman willing to sleep with them the first night ( I have had several play me with the line they had long relationships with these women). Yet they claim they do not want to date these “type ” of women.

It happens but it’s rare they will commit to you. In my experience  Friends with benefits have a 6-month expiration date and I am only basing this on if y’all see each other often. Then the dreaded what are we conversation happens only for you to be disappointed.

The whole point of this is to find someone you can have that will respect you, more so than your ex.

You can still be sexually liberated just be smart about it. Make sure your mind is in the right space to date and have sex but keep in mind if he hasn’t worked for it and gets it easily there is a slim chance he is going to do anything along the lines of what you are looking for.

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