Single in the city, Things I see

Unicorn? or are you just delusional?

Queens do not step off their thrones to chase peasants

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I had an aha moment shortly after my relationship ended with the Panamanian 

I have a  degree, Own place, Own car beautiful, Fat ass, amazing cook, and I can fuck like your favorite Pornstar Jada Mother fucking Fire.

  • I am a Unicorn
  • I suck Dick
  • I don’t nag too damn much

I pride myself on having the mindset that  I am laid back and can be submissive for the right one.

also, I thought this basic mindset made me the prize you know the one, a Unicorn, the Wifey type and the men who didn’t pick me are idiots in a sense they were but my mind was focused and based on the acceptance of men and not taking a step back into what I want.


Well hello, basic Bitch it’s nice to meet you

Imagine thinking that having all of these attributes made you the prize

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None of this matters for me beneficial in any way  (okay maybe the degree lol) all the rest was used as bait to get men. I wore a mask as if I was this ego-driven Spartan and I was a basic bitch .

I pretended like I was living my best single life and I needed no man to make me happy,  but I also did everything and walked a certain pattern for the male gaze.

a hard look into that of Kay Darden :

  • I was constantly being taken advantage of by men
  • I put everyone first and  put  myself last at  every moment

and then wondered why I felt depleted afterward

Why I could never win

why this was happening again

and why was I angry all the damn time

Men have been known to :

  • lie
  • Cheat
  • steal
  • betray
  • start Wars

All for Women

 It took me 9 months to gather my thoughts get my mind correct and realize I am powerful and amazing because of me not who I have as my flavor of the year at that moment.

I hope this makes you realize the same.

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