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Why Vetting is so important part 6

My sex drive  is weird

When I was pregnant  I never wanted to be touched and according to my friends, all of them wanted sex more I am not sure if that was my marriage and how  I felt or if that is just my thing. I am saying this because my sex drive was the same with both of my children.

When I am single my drive is high but the want or need for actual sex or the casual hookup thing it has never been my thing, in fact, I am terrible at it  I want it consistent which is few and far between.

Now when I am with someone and I am really into them it’s constant I always want them I am always craving them and  I have had a few instances when I have stopped dealing with men that could not meet my sex drive it would be great the first month then bam I m the nympho. I dated 2 men and stayed with them for years and had terrible sexual experiences with this so this is something that is eventually a deal breaker for me.  I have come across men that were into the swinging lifestyle and want dto to be  involved with threesomes and things of that sort an I will not knock anyone that does this but I have had that sort of a good time in my twenties and it’s honestly not anything I am looking for. I have had men over the last few years  not satisfy me and I was patient tried to resolve it so that we were both equally satisfied and they didn’t listen or refused to do anything I suggested and They were  never spoken to again

Few Questions you should ask before having sex : 

What are your expectations for intimacy? How often per week / per month?
What are your sexual preferences and how will you resolve any differences?
Is there anything sexual that is considered an off-limits topic or act?

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