What are your values?


Making sure that when I am out of line I get my thoughts together and come back better. I don’t want to walk around life gaslighting anyone or treating someone poorly when they honestly don’t deserve it. I also want to stick with my standards when it comes to dating and not waiver from that. The moment that I began to lower them I have to stop and hold myself accountable for it.When bad things happen in my life that I allowed to happen or take space in my mind I have to own some accountability with this as well and not blame other people for things that happen in my life.


What my kids see when they watch me move and how I carry myself as their mom is important and impactful. My thoughts about my mother and my views on her character are mostly what I’ve seen her do to me. Not that I don’t want them to think they have no clue who I am but I want them proud and understanding on choices I’ve made for them.


If 2019 has taught me anything it has definitely taught me about Peace more than any year of my entire time on this planet for 33 years lol. I always pride myself on living my life with controlled chaos I am for sure like forget that mess lol. I want  structure I want  solace and I want  my peace  by any means  necessary anything or  anyone that murks that up for  me  is  on the  first thing smoking


I do not want to work just to work and pay bills and do a whole rinse and repeat next month. I have never wanted to live my life in some way and wanted to have an impact on the world in some way small or big I want it to matter to someone. This is what started my journey with this blog a few years ago, I didn’t want anyone to think they were alone in these dating streets and it doesn’t have to be stressful and know it won’t be easy in finding yourself.


It is also important for me to continuously evolve I can not remain the same person I was 2 years ago, 5 years ago, or 20 Years ago and in this movement of evolution and with each change it makes me into someone better than I was yesterday and this is in all aspects of my life.


This is a new thing for me for 2019 I have never taken Yoga seriously and  I’m adding it to my values since it taught me more about me than I thought it would. It’s also helped anytime I was having a shitty awful day to take a step back dump my mind and relax.



This is the most important to me since I’m still on my journey to become a better person, a better mom, and finding my worth and not allowing my past to determine my future and allowing it to very much grow who I am as a woman.

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My name is Kay, I am a Proud Texan, Mom of 2 genius babies lol and a Fur-mom. I love Fashion, Tacos & shoes. But I have realized over the last few years I am a serial dater I have stories for days most are crazy, sexy cool lol. I started sharing them with friends a few years back and thought it would be neat to journal my lessons on my blog. On my blog, you get a view of crazy dating scenarios and the lessons I have learned from them all, Fashion ideas, and also my frustrations since I chopped all my hair off and went natural.
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