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What is your relationship mindset?

It’s  funny when I took 3 years  off from getting  in a relationship  it shaped a lot  of what I thought  I wanted from a relationship then when the Panamanian came around  and  I was settled  into that for a year and  It  ended my mind shifted again on what I was  looking for I had  my  bullshit ass list all ready to go  and something shifts  my mind while dating and  I had to go back to the drawing  board and redo my list all over again  lol  .

my original list looked something  like this  :


The list is sad and  pathetic now that I think about it  lol

(sometimes the car part didn’t  even have to apply and I was willing to pick them up in mine  ) I know I know  .

The Second List

Before The Panamanian

my list looked a little something  like :


I also realize in Hindsight  he lied about all the  above  hence  why he was fired  lol

after wards when it ended I revamped  my list  :


I know  you are  like friends and  hobbies but  men with no friends is  always a cluster fuck  .   this  is not to be confused with a small circle  I mean if  he  has  not  1 friend  not  one he’s not a very likable person and a reason why there  are  no friends  in his life. Also I was bored with the sex and realized  my sex drive was much more higher than the Pananamanians and I realized this was something  important.

I do not consider myself clingy but I realize  that I love communication and  enjoy  getting to know the  mindset  of whomever I take  on as my  “lover ” with that being said  no communication  , no finance, No sex, no nothing   Periodt! lol

Now I realize all of these are  very much surface  level needs  for goals with anyone I date and someone  may look at the  list and are scoffing  like men don’t have these things  ? No there are  a lot  of men with not  one thing on that list and are  out  on dating  apps wanting you to accept the bare minum or nothing at all and  build  somethign with them  .

I also realize that I need to know who you are on some aspect before I continue  on any step with you and the  Officer  

actually taught  me a great lesson with this  I think we were dating a few weeks and  he stated I was  his girlfriend and  I had to stop him and correct him that not enough time had passed  I barely  knew enough about  him to want to even go to that level  . I also advised  him that  if  he wanted us on that level we needed more time and memories  for  me to want to be in a relationship with him  .

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