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You know what grinds my gears about Facebook groups?

Whew Chile


Cheating men this is a PSA for you

look if you got a person you are with but you want to sneak around and fuck other people cool but give folks an option to leave or go. I still never understand why some men are even in relationships and stepping out on another person if you are not getting your fulfillment with this person why the fuck are you still there? You have got to be a really sick individual to lay next to someone every night knowing that you are pursing others. The story with the gentleman above is he’s in a singles group no biggie right he posts once a month a selfie with a similar caption. A lot of these groups I don’t take seriously or do I think I will find someone that I would take seriously. I people watch for the most part until something catches my eye. This gentleman was in a whole relationship hence my wording to his original question. Let’s just say he didn’t like me going to his public page and gathering the information he put out there.

 He later removed himself from the group I’m assuming due to fact he was wrong lol.

A singles group will have the  usual actors  on the scene:

-Other men who want to cheat and mad exposing is going on when they join.

 I don’t understand especially with me and my blog with men or men that don’t to contact me in fear I will blast them 🤦🏿‍♀️.

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-Men from other countries not grasping after being told several times we don’t do that shit in America. A lot of the singles groups that are open for everyone has a lot of African men in the group this particular group I was approached by 3 different men in the course of the same week all inappropriate as hell. I’ve told my horror stories about African men I’ve dated here in Houston They are needy aggressive and sometimes do no understand the meaning of no and boundaries. The only time this was not an issue is if he raised in America or he lived in America for over 5 years. Again this is just my own personal observation and is not a reflection of the entire continent.

-Pick me women and folks who lack basic reading comprehension to read a post and understand what’s going on

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I do not like these groups for several reasons

but one being the pick me low standard having women this is always a major  factor in the groups. See I’ve made it my mission to not have these types of women on my timeline. I always forget these women can trickle in these groups with their low standards begging for attention, they will speak badly about another woman ( even help men who are bad talking you by chiming in) and then finish it with a that’s why you single.

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