There are women complaining online everyday about men forcing themselves in their lives everyday.
-forcing them to speak.
-feeling as if they are entitled to their time.
-feel as if that woman is obligated to date them .
-tell the men no not interested and they continue
The list can go on and on.

These same women will harass another perfect stranger online , the stranger will block them and what do they do?
Log into another account to force more communication with them.
You scream about men all day and you interact with other women in a toxic and unhealthy manner dripping with mysoginy and you are confused why you are called angry or bitter?

If I were to block you to rid myself of your energy why on earth would you add me on messenger to bring about more of your negative energy?

Are you in fact doing the same thing men have done to you that you have complained about for years?

Granted I get it there are men who honestly are predators and have high level of doing incrediably creepy things. But honestly think about this behavior if you tell a man No and to leave you alone, and he continues even after you are justified to feel disgusted and angry of some sort.

Why would you want to do this to another person?