Single in the city

Another retrograde another ghost man

😒😒😒 the story changes but you can always count on a ghost man popping up .

He was blocked after this

But this is the back story with him we met 4 years ago he popped in and out for two years before it was stopped when I started seeing Nate.

I tried again after Nate and I ended it two years after meeting him and the sex lasted less than 5 minutes since he came fast and the only thing that redeemed him was that the head was amazing 🤷🏿‍♀️. Right now my mind is staying Corona free and I’m half-ass dating at the moment and honestly with work, the business I’m running and the kids I just don’t have the energy to deal with any man especially one that has shown himself to be inconsistent. He has no reason why just that he misses me beats around the bush to only present his dick lol. These are the same men that swear they are not ready for relationships but low-key are really in a relationship with you and whoever else is on the menu for the week lol. He tried years ago to hit me with the let’s go with the flow. I have stopped allowing that to escape from men’s lips a very long time ago. Ain’t it funny these same men want to ” go with the flow ” with no labels but find themselves flowing in your Versace sheets 🤔. Interesting.

Something I realized over the last 5 years that I put myself out there way too much for men. And as of to date not one of them deserved it if I am completely honest with myself. I sent pictures, I texted, made myself readily available, was soft, and feminine tried my best to not be aggressive and have myself to them sooner than what they deserved for them to show their entire assholes lol.

At some point, I was like fuck being wifey fuck being your ride or die if you can not see my worth without all the hoop-jumping for then you must be an idiot. This mantra is definitely a fact because all of me doing that doesn’t even matter if he isn’t the right man 🤷🏿‍♀️🤷🏿‍♀️. In case you needed a refresher this was the Gentleman who came Quickly over a year ago

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