Rising Above: My Journey from Casual Encounters to Seeking Substance

Have you ever found yourself between the thrill of the chase and the yearning for something more profound? It’s been a whirlwind year of self-discovery, healing, and dodging those Mother fuckers  DM sliders like Neo in “The Matrix.”

 The Awakening

It hit me like a ton of bricks—almost a year after the breakup, and here I am, flourishing! I’ve been embracing healing, diving into new hobbies, and opening up new chapters in my life. But with this growth came a realization: I’m outgrowing the superficial and craving deep and meaningful connections.

 Decentering Men and Embracing Me

  • Self-Love Purchases: Those flowers on my desk? Bought by yours indeed. A symbol of self-love and independence.


  • Hobby Queen: From painting to pottery, filling my life with passions outside of the dating scene has been my saving grace.
  • Healing Vibes Only: Taking time to heal has taught me to enjoy my company and not settle for less than I deserve.

 Navigating the Modern Dating Scene

The modern dating pool, where the bar is so low it’s practically in hell. My social media DMs are like a case study in audacity. One minute he’s on a trip with another woman; the next, he’s offering unsolicited… dick. But amidst this chaos, I’ve learned to filter through the noise and focus on what truly matters.

 Seeking Substance Over Surface

I’ve come to a point where casual doesn’t cut it anymore. I want a man with self-control, substance, and self-care routines that match my own. The quest for a partner who values growth and depth as much as I do has become my new regular. The goal? To find someone who enhances my life, not complicates it.


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