• give off the appearance of being strong?
  • get pushed around?
  • fall for male manipulation more times than you can count?
  • Wish you were someone else?
  • Wear a mask to hide who you really are?
  • are you ego based at the mercy of the world?
  • you have a need to be validated by men


hello Pick me it’s nice to you

Look at your life

do you make mistakes and do not take accountability?
are you respected?
are you happy?

I get it women are fed this bullshit about the good girls get the reward.
we are told to submit, stay silent, be a ride or die, and for what?
to spend your life at the service of others. you do not manifest your destiny by places first

this is not a life of a queen with a kingdom

I want more out of life than to wait for any man to create a life for me.

bored women with nothing to do entertain clowns.