Autopilot dating

As much as I can not stand the dating

Gurus they can sometimes make great points . I’m currently dealing with an autopilot dater and  as you can see from my recent posts have decided to no longer date him exclusively and just date him .I’m sure he will fall off or someone will come forward and take his spot he’s held for the last few months . If you have watched our dates through snapchat and Instagram we appear to be very happy  but I’ll be honest since that is the entire reason I created my blog series there came a point he went straight autopilot he was going with the flow, he was not holding himself accountable, he was inconsistent and he had expectations from me that I was not willing to hold on . I watch my effort and watched his and he was not doing enough communication and there were times he wasn’t there when he said he would be . He also was at a point of his life he honestly didn’t need to be dating and needed to place his concentration elsewhere. When we started dating it was a building feeling and now it feels like a hamster wheel, he had excuses always and when I kept the lines of communication open he would be silent and say nothing and just let me talk till I got tired, or there were promises  with no actions .I’m assuming he felt I was upset because he wasn’t moving fast enough with his actions when it was I saw he was doing nothing most of the time . I watched him put forth an effort in things he desired and when he did it the last time I took that as an ok he has gusto just where it matters to you Kay, I stopped having the roundtable discussions with him he had already received the warning about when we would no longer be  exclusive so imagine my shock when he was angry to find out I was on Tinder.This was during a week he canceled 3 dates and I had hardly heard from him and up until that night we discussed me being on Tinder, it was the most we had spoken to one another that week. His efforts were the bare minimum and I deserve more just like you

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