Bikini Series week 4

Currently down 17 pounds. I had some heavy stress after my breakup with Nate I was having migraines and an entire stiff body Like I had done cardio Kickboxing. I ended up going to the ER found out it was Stress was given meds and I took a whole week to hydrate and sleep and I even fully committed to Yoga classes and Reiki massages. When I tell you I feel so amazing so Zen and at peace, it’s been a great past few weeks

goals this week :

Meal Prep

Add weights to my Yoga workouts

Set up 2 Massage/ Pedicure appointments

lose 3 pounds.

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My name is Kay, I am a Proud Texan, Mom of 2 genius babies lol and a Fur-mom. I love Fashion, Tacos & shoes. But I have realized over the last few years I am a serial dater I have stories for days most are crazy, sexy cool lol. I started sharing them with friends a few years back and thought it would be neat to journal my lessons on my blog. On my blog, you get a view of crazy dating scenarios and the lessons I have learned from them all, Fashion ideas, and also my frustrations since I chopped all my hair off and went natural.
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