Bring on the bling

I don’t need it but I do.

Ulta along with tacos are my weakness. Check out my haul:

Let’s start with makeup revolution they are cheap and low key kinda knock off a lot of major companies, I have a lip duo from them that I loved the color but it didn’t make my heart sing. Ulta gave me 30% off on my makeup revolution purchase so that helped mend my morals lol.

I picked up 2 lipsticks and I am going to try my go at baking 😐 Y’all pray for me ( I’m legit watching a youtube while typing this on how to bake ) gotta love technology right?

I grabbed head turner and diamond life I’m going through this dark lip stage ( I’m rebelling since I was never “allowed” it when I was in relationships) head turner is a little lighter compared to what I usually go for, but I can add it to lighten some of my almost black looking lipsticks.

I love when mac has certain lines for the stars I missed out on Selena but I couldn’t find colors to fit my complexion anyways😐😐 yes I’m salty lol.

I was all for Aaliyahs line, however, I managed to grab the eyeshadow palette and omg the pigment and the color choices were on point they didn’t disappoint. Since I am on this dark lip movement it makes perfect sense to grab 1 in a million ( also one of many of my favorite songs by her)

Of course, I am obsessed with the color and I kinda stepped away from glossed lips but I want this one and I love the blue sparkles in it too.

Clarins I have never tried and this will be my first purchase for them( Ulta offered 5x the points for this purchase. I assumed this was an eyeshadow palette I’m an idiot btw.

It’s literally a fancy ass brow palette no complaints here it helped me get that much closer to diamond status I’m gonna give it a go since I purchased it but its Clarins so its expensive and I live by wunderbrow so save your 40 bucks.

I also got free cream out of it so not too bad.

So Ulta teamed up with youtube Melisa Michelle and bling on the glam was creates the palette was larger than I thought I legit thought I was getting something small lol.

I’m loving the colors and the glitters are glam asf I’m excited about this palette for sure. the palette is 20 bucks I think its totally worth it and ulta tossed in this bag with goodies inside for free.

  • The bag came with a 5 dollar off coupon
  • Full size mascara
  • Full size brow tint
  • Full size tinted eye primer
  • Full size lipstick
  • Bronzer
  • eyeshadow palette ( the colors were giving me fall vibes 😍😍)
  • Makeup remover towelettes
  • Gel eye liner
  • Blush and eyeshadow makeup brushs
  • Matte metallic liquid lipstick
  • And setting spray.

The looks I made with my new goodies lol :

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