Cluttered house cluttered mind

Why I needed to fix my Cluttered life

While on my morning Facebook stalker page ( don’t you dare judge me ) I came across my favorite fitness guru Chalene  Johnson she had a short video up about decluttering your home, space everything. So she gives a little shout-out to her podcast so I thought what the hell fill my mind with something that does not include trap music for a change for my workout lol.

After listening to the first podcast I realized a lot, one , my life is a fucking mess, no it’s legit a mess .my career, my business, my dating life, my parenting hell pretty sure at this moment my dog’s food bowls are empty and they are due to a treat.

The two cluttered places?

The two places I am always in my bedroom and my living room where my “office ” is, I’ve worked from home since 2013 and those areas are my most cluttered and out of control areas.

I’ve gotten them to a level where I can tolerate how it looks a bit, at this moment I’m typing this they are both back to where they originally we’re a fucking hot mess.

My dedication

7 days 1 hour a day to declutter my house

7 days after that to declutter my business

7 days to declutter my career

And 7 days to declutter my dating life and get that back on track.

I want my home to be a safe and clutter-free safe Haven like it was when I first moved here.

My business is a hobby and I need to get my shit together and have the same momentum that I had when the new year started I had great goals and I am accomplishing only half of those goals and I could be doing so much more.

I want to go to a job that I don’t hate it and I’m fulfilled and happy to be apart of a team I also want to have an actual exit strategy to become my boss and the funds from the said job should be going towards rainy day savings and not to stop me from drowning.

And as far as my dating life look at this crap *side eyes *

He unmatched me after this  lol

Most days I know I’ll be a crazy dog lady and single asf I grasped this concept that may possibly be my life. I swear if I buy a house it will be over for all local shelters I’m snatching up all the rescues lol.

I can’t expect perfect but I can have my peace that I started this year screaming about I needed. I started with the biggest step and that was deactivating my Facebook for 30 days maybe longer.

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