Live Richer Challenge-Credit

day 8 credit report clean up

I started this journey back in December of Last year and my main goals were:

  • raising my credit score
  • disputing everything negative  on my reports
  • paying off as much debt as I could this year.

We are 8 months in and my score is nothing like I thought it would be, but  I will say this I am getting approved more often than what I was before (I was always told no especially with a credit card from my bank).

A few things I have taken a look at  are the accounts I have falling  out within the  next few months and  up to 6 years that will provide me with some awesome  increases  on my score , I have made sure to pay all of my bills  on time and majority of my accounts are  on Autopay (also one  of my goals were to get to a place where I can have my bills  on auto pay and  not stress it) I also left my old  job and  started a new that paid  12k more  than the  previous employer which also was helping me  get those accounts on auto pay.

I disputed accounts that were old and past the  7 years and were not helping my credit in any way since these accounts were sold off to other companies. I use the cards and pay the balances off I am showing a couple point increase in my score but not the huge jump I was hoping for  I have waited 8 months and  I’m trying to get to a point that my credit  Utilization is going down with more credit provided for me. So there are two places  I am going to apply to and try to get my credit up to a little over 5k so I can drop my Utilization and help with the points I am wanting to see.

I will say this the cards I have gotten approved have helped me in some  Emergencies whereas in the past I didn’t have them.

I am keeping track of the Debt using this list I have paid  off two major things  on my Debt list this year and  plan on 3 more within the next 6 months

Check out my journey here

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