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Does Our Personality Have Free Will?


Does our personality have free will?


Our ‘sense of self’… gives us a sense of personal decision-making and action-taking ability… The ‘sense of self’ seems to be in charge of these actions and decision-making… but is this really the case?

This can be realized within deep meditation when the arising of thoughts are clearly perceived… In such meditation, one will discover that there is really NO observer of these thoughts. All these are happening at a lightning-fast rate, and therefore is perceptible only under deep clarity.

My view is that only the soul/oversoul/source has free-will… because it is the state that held the impulses and intentions/desire/purpose for the incarnated personality. But, ironically… part of the soul/oversoul/source itself may not have a ‘sense of self’.

‘Sense of self/ego/personality’ is only a part of the entire field of consciousness.

However, this realization does not imply that all in existence is fixed and static. In fact, the opposite is true. The visible (our conscious self/personality) works in partnership with the formless/invisible, to realize the potentials into physical manifestations.


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