I never understood why my mother and grandmother loved gardens . I thought it was weird and I honestly killed every plant I ever owned 🙄😒. This pandemic however forced me to sit back go into straight hermit mode and find a way to ground and center myself and with this patio at the new place I’ve wanted to adore it with green stuff lol..

I’ve spent a good chunk of my morning meetings on the patio and the cool breeze and a cup of joe it’s perfect and the dogs seem to enjoy it too lol.

I tried my hand at squash and zucchini the zucchini doesn’t seem like it made it after our last hurricane here but these squash are showing up and showing out ♥️

I had taken the tomatoes when they got too tall over to a grow bag and I thought I got them all and this lil fellow showed up I was going to put the African daisies here but I guess I’ll hold back on those lol.

The tomatoes are growing amazingly