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It is not your issue or problem on what another woman has done to him

My recently single sister is finding out lots of things about the dating world and how much it has changed within the last 6 years. Our last topic was on the meet and greets apparently she was running into men wanting to meet up at parking lots public places none the less but places where they can see if she is real and not catfishing I am assuming. When I was dating I can’t tell you how many men I would come across that wanted to get my time away from whatever I was doing get dressed to look nice only for them to try to meet in a park ( first of all it is too fucking hot here in Houston for all that) (and second of all these shoes are not made for a walk in the park) . The reasons behind the meet and greets the responses would always be the same: some woman that wasn’t me “used them” for a dinner date and never called them again.

Look it is not your issue nor your problem if is lacking common sense or the communication skills to vet your properly to see what kind of woman you are.

If he has gotten duped by a woman using him to get a 2 for 20 at apple bees that’s not an issue nor your problem.

if you know you are out here dating with a purpose and an end goal in mind and he doesn’t see that with you and is spewing his own internal trust issues out on you leave him where he stands.
protect your peace block and delete

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