Single in the city

Limited Options and a feeling of hopelessness

I am over it
emotionally unavailable
ass man

Please don’t tell me it’s what you attract.

I am all for accountability in the moments I ignored the red flags but come the fuck on. I am chatting with some friends this week and all of our convos are about men in their mid 30’s to 40’s are all doing the same thing that men in their mid 20’s and we all chuckled at how foolish we were in our 20s to ask if the men will ever grow up.NewFlash they do not.

a friend stated a man in his 50s tried to predate/Netflix and chill to catch a vibe at his place.

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before she could even respond he went on to a rant about how he cant pay for dates every night of the week and he would be pissed if he spent his money, didn’t have sex, and never hears from their girl again .

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in his mind, he wanted sex at the end of these dates. my friend blocked him

another has a guy commenting on all her posts sends messages throughout the day and finds other outlets to say hi . He is clingy, he is over bearing he is in his mid-30s. he has been told she wanted to be friends only which to this man means try harder and harder and harder smh.

then there’s me telling a 36-year-old man that I have had to route our conversations way too many times off sex and on to something else. apparently, this (sex) is the only way he expresses himself and went on to say at least you know I want you. which he was advised is that what you told your wife when you were fucking other women? you treat sex like a sport and now you realized this after being married and are out in the dating world and mad that your old tricks do not work? sir, you will need to be emotionally available, monogamous or not, and be honest. You are not ready in any of those markets and need to focus on you.

of course, he won’t because, in the end, he is codependent.

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