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So a little gift for myself a few months back was to buy this book Live Richer Challenge   < (click the picture to get your copy and follow along with me ). I honestly wanted to increase my score about 100 points with a goal date of one year, My other goal was to erase all debt but I gave a generous deadline of 5 years with this. I sat down and jotted all my goals here. I also headed over to 

To grab a few of the downloadables to  Help me with my goals and to keep track of what I’ll be doing the next 22 days. I pulled my report from all three bureaus here and geez it wasn’t pretty to look at. I pulled and realized I had a lot to dispute (mostly accounts that were still there after 7 years )

I had some I had to dispute the amount, my address for whatever reason was on there too and I looked over what was falling off I had some things that will fall off when 2017 ends and realizing that I will have a majority of them falling off every year for the next six years. This also made me realize would be needed to go ahead and try to fix to help and what would be a waste since it is falling off soon.





Reading the reports

One issue I have always had was overwhelming and reading the entire thing since my reports usually will be about 40 pages (Yea I know lol) This packet is super helpful for reading the report and the Video from Tiffany helps with getting some understanding of the packet as well.

I was able to get everything disputed and had to get my Equifax report mailed to me lol I was annoyed with that for the most part. When I reported a few things on my credit ten years ago I had to report it the old fashioned way and that was with a letter. The option now to report them online is so easy. You will have about  30 days before the dispute is done all of mine have come back less than that and I saw my credit change an increase of 5 points after the disputes were filed (granted I started this process a couple months back and just giving insight after I was able to see any results).

I receive my credit report from my bank but you can also get your credit score here for free without taking a ding to your credit score.


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