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I managed to not have a in your face racist ass moment happen to me until I was 34 years old.

I am not saying that I have never encountered a racist in my life it’s just that it’s presented to me in what is considered a new age southern Texas type of Racism. Told how to wear my hair in a place of employment, told I am not one of those “Black People” I am the nice ones. I also realized a lot of racist people hold conversations behind closed doors and amongst those they think are friends. I have worked in Call Centers for almost 15 years and my voice and last name people have assumed I was white and said some racist things as if they were talking with a family member. With the recent events

I could include so many more examples sadly. Mine included :

This is not a time to be silent any longer if you are white and reading this and are silent you are just as bad as the white people you think are awful.

if you are with a man that is a bigot and perfectly fine with saying Nigger you are just as equally as awful and racist as he is if you are allowing it to go down.

If you are afraid to speak because you just do not want to say the wrong thing I ask that you  :

Stop and listen before speaking

Google is your friend

if you have no clue where to begin I suggest educate yourself

If it makes you uncomfortable good, keep talking, call your family and friends out when they are wrong to do it until it feels right.

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