like most mental illnesses, runs the continuum of severity. It could also involve anxiety symptoms as well. Depression is primarily characterized by sadness and/or loss of pleasure in nearly all activities. Additionally, there may be symptoms such as changes in appetite, sleep patterns, and psychomotor activity (changes in both mental and physical responsiveness and/or activity).

For me, it’s usually me not wanting to cook making bad eating choices and it’s gotten as bad as me not cleaning my home. I will isolate myself from my children, my friends but the only thing I will stay on the up and up with is my job.

A depressed person may struggle with feelings of low self-worth, recurrent thoughts of dying, as well as difficulty concentrating or making decisions. In children and adolescents, the mood is often manifested as irritability rather than sadness. Some people may deny having feelings of sadness; instead, they may report feeling numb or having no feelings at all. I call this me going Blue this is the only way That I can honestly describe it I just feel this wave of sadness it hits me out of nowhere and I can’t even describe it when someone is trying to understand how I am feeling.

Taking Action

First, it is important to look at how severely one’s functioning may be impaired. If the person’s level of functioning has been significantly impaired, i.e. they are having difficulty performing their daily routine, seek professional help immediately. A trip to the family doctor to rule out any medical conditions that might be causing the mood disorder is a good place to start. This is something I am grateful to have is when I feel it I immediately start making appointments because I know if I don’t that’s it’s not going to be good a storm at this point is brewing and on its way.


assess whether there have been any significant changes in circumstances, relationships, etc. that may be contributing to the depression.

Third, if your loved one indicates they have a plan or intentions to harm themselves, take action immediately to get help. Call a mental health professional that you have been referred to by a reliable source for community mental health services.

Help is available
Speak with a counselor today
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
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Don’t Wait – Get Help

One of the biggest reasons people do not seek help is the shame they feel about having a mental illness. The reality is that our minds are vulnerable to illness just like our bodies. There is no shame in developing the flu or some other medical condition, so why is there with the mind? Those who avoid seeking help because of the shame they feel only languish longer than necessary.

How Counseling Can Help

A counselor can help a person gain perspective about their illness; resolve problems that may be contributing to the depression and assist the person in developing coping skills.

However, in addition to counseling, depending on the severity of the depression, medication may also be a treatment option. You can discuss this with your counselor, who could then refer you to a psychiatrist to prescribe and manage the necessary medication.

Relief is available for difficulties that plague our minds.