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Single in the city: now that’s how you have a first date

Met  online  and went  out for drinks and  shared an  appetize we  had great conversation , laughed  talked about Football since the Superbowl was  in town at the moment  . the date ended and  he asked to see me again the following week and asked for suggestions  . I suggested Bowling at one  of my favorite  places We bowled for a couple of hours that following Wednesday  and shared a appetizer. He stated he had never bowled before his score proved that was a lie  lol . when he brought me  home we shared a kiss and  talked until he made it home and throughout the week  he wanted to go out again on Saturday so we had dinner and went and  saw the new 50 shades of grey Movie and had drinks on the beach in Galveston we stayed  out kinda late and talked on the phone again until he made it home .

fast forward/update

he lasted about a month before he started to become pushy and then this happened :
I am so Mad I could Honestly  spit  .
Mr Perfect first date  and  extra dates basically just expired  .
So Last Sunday  He wanted to do some errand things together no Biggie  go to the gym and hang out around the beach  . He gets to my place and wanted to come  inside and  rest for a minute  . No big deal with me again  he took a nap on my couch so I thought  it would be a great time to catch up on some business emails and things with the site. When he woke  up it was dark  out and by then too late to  do any of the errands  minus the gym  . He then suggested we go to walmart  he would  buy dinner and  anything else  I needed If I were to  cook it , again still not a big deal  . We  picked up the items we needed and  came  back to my place  , I unpacked started cooking  he gets a facetime  from a friend  of his that  lived  in California  I cooked and was done about  30 minutes  later  and  instead  of interrupting  him I waited till he was  done to ask him if  he wanted a plate. I had already eaten  and the  moment  he  found  out I ate he was furious and  went  on a rant  about traditions (He was African) I explained southern traditions  I am not going to interrupt you while you are on the  phone  . Once we got past it and  both fed  he wanted to sit  on the couch and talked this is where  he messed up  . He told  (not asked) me to kiss him tried to force himself on me and was punched and kicked . he went ghost for 6 months popped up went ghost again and tried to show up within the last 6 months and was advised that I was seeing someone and he could go on with his life.

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