Vetting Series

Why vetting is so important

What is Vetting? With time and asking the right questions, bad dating experiences can be avoided. One thing I did in the past was meet someone, like them, barely know them sleep with them and Bam we are together. Truth be told this is how a lot of relationships are developed toss a new baby in the mix that’s the…

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Toxic Series

Things to avoid after a toxic relationship( part 6)

    Things to avoid after a toxic relationship Putting out on the first date. I know I know coming from my sexually liberated ass this is shocking advice lol.  I am only giving you advice from experience men don’t know what they want. They want a woman willing to sleep with them the first night ( I have had…

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LOVE, Single in the city

All he has to offer is Dick

When did the Coddle era happen? So this single Journey has placed me in different areas of the dating Pool. There are times I have met some of the same men always in the same situation  My favorites are: Fuckboys/ I only can offer you Dick are always in the mix, then my personal favorite: the hold me down type…

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