Single in the city

Fake sugar daddies

There are sites for this sort of interest (I wasn’t even aware of it lol ) A friend said they have sites for sex only, BDSM anything you can think of it it’s there but these men still feel the need to get on sites and force their interests down your throat. I wish he would have just said I am…

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Cluttered house cluttered mind

Why I needed to fix my Cluttered life While on my morning Facebook stalker page ( don’t you dare judge me ) I came across my favorite fitness guru Chalene  Johnson she had a short video up about decluttering your home, space everything. So she gives a little shout-out to her podcast so I thought what the hell fill my mind…

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Girl Chat Episode 8

This weeks Girl chat with Christina it was my first time getting access to have someone jump on live with me , we had technical difficulties (ok I DID ) so the video starts at 9:48 this weeks topics  : Topics this week : -Bad Credit, behind on child support, stays at home with family, working minimum wage job why…

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Episode 7 Pod Cast

    My favorite  Live so far with my best friend  of 20 years topics this week are : -building a mansion with struggle love how sway? -getting married a piece of paper or a business deal ? – How many chances are too many  -is valentines day a big deal or corporate greed? you can follow Heather at  Heather Talks…

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Guest Blog Post, Money

Five C’s of Credit

As a homeowner and an investor, I talk a lot about real estate, but real estate is expensive. There are few if any, of us with the capabilities of buying real property with cash. Even some of the people who are in a position to do it, choose to leverage their net worth and maximize their purchasing power using borrowings.…

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Episode 5 Podcast

Episode 5 Podcast: Topics this week on the  Podcast : how soon is too soon to discuss money? to move in or not before marriage. 50/50 on all bills or go big or go home. Child support and having babies with men behind on child support Dating bootcamp.   You can watch the podcasts every sunday at 6pm cst here


Episode 4 Podcast

Girl chat Podcast are every Sunday at 6pm CST This weeks topic were: I did the podcast from bed this week lol it was an amazingly relaxing weekend, I even got my taxes done and I will have a little left over to slide to my kid’s dad lol I was so excited. I was even shocked at me being…

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