7 days of Self Care

7 days of self care (ASMR)

3 years ago I was involved  in one  of the  most stressful events  in my  life with an EX and my best friend  Heather suggested ASMR  to help calm my nerves ASMR : Autonomous sensory meridian response Autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) is a calming, pleasurable feeling often accompanied by a tingling sensation. This tingle is said to originate in a…

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Live Richer Challenge-Credit

day 8 credit report clean up

I started this journey back in December of Last year and my main goals were: raising my credit score disputing everything negative  on my reports paying off as much debt as I could this year. We are 8 months in and my score is nothing like I thought it would be, but  I will say this I am getting approved…

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I left my Toxic Job

If you needed a sign about leaving your Toxic Job this is it I decided to boss up after the continuous changes with my Job. I had only started working there 10 months prior, and after 3 new bosses, I was done. I was with my previous employer about 5 years I met amazing people, had great benefits and I…

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LOVE, Toxic Series, Vetting Series

7 dating mistakes I made

  I was tired I was ran through (mentally speaking) did  I mention tired  lol ? Why was I running into the same men like the exes I hated  ? Why was the communication lacking  ? how did  I miss the clues? I didn’t listen to myself. I had no game  plan. I needed more time. I needed to date…

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Throwback Series

Single in the City

Single in the City Let’s go back waaay back to when I first became Single and why I started my blog Over the next few months I will be sharing my dating journey with you.So in the past year                   CHA-CHA-CHA – CHANGES     I have moved three times: North Carolina,…

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Unboxing with JustFab and ShoeDazzle

Unboxing with JustFab and ShoeDazzle Thank you guys for joining the Live here are discounts for you guys to grab some of the items from my Live 🙂 www.justfab.com/invite/justclassy https://www.shoedazzle.com/invite/soclassy/

Throwback Series

Single in the city: Adonis

*the names have been changed to protect the dates* Now Adonis is not my first rodeo we actually met 4 years ago in North Carolina when he was in the military and I was going through a very messy divorce he caught me at a different point of my life when he wanted a relationship and I honestly just wanted…

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Deals for the day

Deals of the Day

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Podcast episode 12 (Self Love)

This weeks Podcast topic was  on : Self-love Check out the blog : Links for places to get you to self-love: Therapist directory for Black Women Chalene Johnson Podcast on Decluttering your life A book called You are a BadASS