Since the age of 18, I have lived on my own in some capacity.

I have had 3 homes I shared with my ex-husband.

In our first place, we had no furniture and slept on the floor up until I was in my third trimester with our son. He was an E2 in the military one-income household and we were living paycheck to paycheck. We separated about 4 years later and I moved to my first place. A luxury apartment in the heart of Pensacola Florida I was on the third floor, it came with a fireplace, cathedral ceilings a walk in closet, and a garden tub. The scenic route in and out was amazing and give you a glimpse of the crystal coast and it was 400 bucks a month and I had no furniture I walked away from my ex-husband with my car and clothing that’s it. I was a free “single” gal 24 and ready for the world. I lasted 9 months here before I was fired and unable to gain employment there in town and had to tuck my tail between my legs and go back to my ex-husband. We stayed in our third and final place and we both moved on to our own spaces to start the process for our divorce.

My first apartment after my divorce wasn’t anything to write home about

it was clean, it would take me with the eviction on my record, and it was walking distance to my job ( in case my ex-husband took my car during the divorce ) I was in this apartment for 5 months before getting evicted becaus I was arrested for bleaching lances clothing after he choked me and I ran after him with a knife when I couldn’t catch him I tossed his clothes out and started a bleach party

In my mind, I was angela Bassett in waiting to exhale

GIF waiting to exhale real nigga shit tumblr - animated GIF on GIFER - by  Whiteworker

until the police showed up 🙄😐😒


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The next apartment was on the other side of town I stayed there almost a full year before moving to an almost grown-up apartment. It was a luxury apartment reasonable in price and with the best elementary schools for the kids. I was on top of the world I loved it and then met Marcus sold my furniture and moved in with him and then again in Florida before ending our relationship and moving to Texas.

When I moved home in 2015 I stayed with my best friend heather for a few months before moving to an apartment that had a bigger closet than an apartment.

I was laid off, my car was repossessed not once but twice and I was evicted. My eviction day and the last day of my unemployment I got a new job working at home and approved for an apartment where I lived for 4 years until it had a lot of crime like this for example

You see why I moved lol?

On my new apartment search, I wanted something bigger and with two bedrooms. I had a new car and a new promotion again that top of the world feeling again. The apartment I wanted was two thousand a month way out of my budget but I wanted to get that place. When the time came to apply I was denied and pushed off one complex referred me to an apartment locator who brought me to the towers which far exceeded what I could ever imagine. And today it hit me that I am honestly so in love with my life and so blessed.

But on to the pics of my place that I actually want to decorate ♥️♥️♥️

It has an elevator which I’m grateful for on grocery hauls lmao