Day 23: Today is my 40th birthday! Write about a milestone or significant birthday.

I’ve always said my 30th birthday was my best and most low-key Milestone I’ve ever had out of all my birthdays. On my 21st birthday going out partying and drinking with my friends for the first legal time was not on the agenda lol , I was home breastfeeding my son. My 30th was a bigger Milestone because it was a salute to my 20s and it was honestly a whole and fresh new chapter.I had just moved back home to Texas ,I had not seen my best friend and almost eight years ,and I ended a toxic relationship it was a fresh start for me. We went to a bar and had an amazing time when I woke up the next morning I spent a lot of time rethinking a lot of things that had happened within the past few months. I was in utter awe at how strong I actually was lol . This was also the moment I started creating my blog .