The “You Are Enough” 30-Day Blogging Challenge!

The “You Are Enough” 30-Day Blogging Challenge!

Day 12: In Chapter Nine, I hit “rock bottom.” Talk about your own rock bottom moment, and how you found the strength and the courage to rise.








It was 2011, I meant this fun, quirky, wild, rambunctious girl at my job we immediately hit it off we were best friends. There have only been a few women in my life that the moment who I would consider a best friend, when  I met them I knew this person’s going to be my life forever and I felt that with her. We talked shared secrets had such a good time traveling she only had one rule don’t sleep with her brother. during the time of our friendship it lasted almost over the course of the Year there came a point where the company that we both were working for was doing layoffs they were firing people it was awful it got to the point where I was fired  and she offered for me to come and stay with her everything was normal everything was just the same as it was before and then a new group of friends came in , one young lady that she was as close with as me did not care for me honestly we didn’t spend a whole lot of time near each other we didn’t know a whole lot about one another but it was very obvious and very clear that she did not care for me whatsoever .

I left for North Carolina for about a week I left my car in Florida I only had one rule don’t take my car out in the clubs and definitely don’t have the chick that has such a huge issue with me in my car they’re only supposed to be using the car to drive to go fill out  job applications  and setting up interviews. I get back home from my vacation from North Carolina to find out that not only did they go out to the club my car had no gas  and the young lady that did not care for me had no issue riding in my vehicle and her brother and I had a brief trisk that she was fully aware of and  sometimes supported. It honestly it got to a point where the young lady that she was friends with was putting things in her ear next thing I knew I was out on the street that was my rock bottom.

I don’t think out of all of the times where I’ve actually hit a “rock bottom” and I’m using quotes with that for the simple fact of that was my lowest point because I literally had nowhere to go nowhere to turn and all of my options were gone. And truth be told this was honestly the very first time in my entire life where I begin to realize and understand how to vet friends that are going to be women in my circle properly because anyone that I knew that was supposed to have been my friend literally turned on me in that moment  during this Rock Bottom phase I  lost 3 friends over the course of a month . Two of them I had known for 5 to 10 years plus friendships gone over this, it  is one of the moments that I believe that my love and my understanding for my best friend Kitty just grew we had already been friends at that point for a little over a couple of years and at that point you know she was like come stay here everything’s going to be fine I know you’re going to get on your feet I know the type of person that you are and you’re going to be just fine. I literally did that for about 2 months and then I got a job offer in North Carolina and I moved out there but our friendship with the young lady that I worked with it deteriorated you know she did eventually come back a year later and apologize about everything that happened the end of our friendship the demise and why , it was the fact that I slept with her brother but the young ladies that were in her Circle had also slept with her brother pretty much it was an known fact that he did these things it wasn’t a taboo and there were times where she was she was  on board about it .

 Every once in awhile she pops in and out my life and I honestly  miss her because  I know how loyal I am to my friends especially it could have been something very  great but you know sometimes when you’re young and you don’t understand the value or friendships and  the value of loyalty you’ll listen to just about anybody.

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