Day 8: Also in Chapter Five, I talk about unanswered prayers and how they can often be the biggest blessings in disguise. Share an unanswered prayer of your own and how it helped you see that sometimes God’s “no” is the most gracious answer of all.









March 30, 2017 was my last day with Convergys I was with them for 5 years and was laid off .
This is was the first time in my entire life I was not sure what my next step would be . You are talking about someone that knows their next step before their foot drops to the ground .

I did what any person would be I pushed out my resume and applied for up to 15 jobs a day and collected unemployment .

I finally settled and got a yes and a 10k a year pay cut .
That year I was with Granada was rough I literally had 32 dollars after every paycheck .

When they changed our pay dates and pushed it out till way after rent was due I had enough and started pushing out my 15 Job applications a day again .

This went on for 2 months and all I heard were no’s.

I was tired and frustrated and was again not sure what to do next but stay .

I finally got a yes I had 3 interviews back to back and accepted a position that paid 20k .

These last 5 months a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders on getting the yes I deserved .