Single in the city

A week of dumb asses

I was sleep when all this was sent , but it’s always a joke when it’s something they usually should have just kept to themselves haven’t you noticed that lol.

All the time to think of something whitty or intelligent to say and all I got was what’s good.


I have never ever liked pet names and I don’t know your or met you. I have never met anyone online that started calling me baby quick and the conversation didn’t turn to fucking in some weird way, they always center their dick.

Then we have this beating around the bush ass guy. A lot of reasons I never tell a man what I am looking for first is that they have a tendency when the intentions aren’t right to lie. I have met men that say they are looking for the same thing and are just looking for sex and will spend money, lie , and do whatever they need to get it and bounce. So now I let them answer first . I never expect anyone to want to immediately want to be in a relationship I do however expect it to be the end goal it might not be with me but I need that to be his answer. That’s usually the response I want to hear not the let’s just be friends. When men tell me this I treat them just like a friend and they usually vanish lol.

Then you have this moron who is on a dating site linked his IG which my nosy ass looked at to see he posted his lady on it *insert face palm*

Another one *in my DJ khaled voice*

Thats it that’s all I got . I wish you can see my face right now . I legit put no ass shots, no side shots , no cleavage on my pics to avoid riff Raff even coming at me but clearly I can wear a sack and get this .

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