You share stories, memes, videos laugh react.

Then you have a brief encounter on a status build a “bond” with people and boom friend request and then they are the best bud on your timeline.

I can honestly say no one on social media would be in a bucket as a best friend like my real life best friends.

I remember a post I made last year about spending time with my real life friends, and the women in the social media group chat I was in viciously ripped me apart as if to say what about us.

This is the tricky thing about social media people can be whoever they want to be, tell you whatever they want to tell you, and you can still honestly not know them.

I know I do have educated, ambitious, loving moms, wives in my circle. They would mock me about my newfound friendships with the women I met online.

I was finding myself defending them because that’s what friends do right?



My friends and I have gone through childbirths, divorces, marriages, new careers and moving over the last 7 to 20 years I have known them all.

I am the only one in my group that is really into social media but. A few of them had an intervention with me about the online company I was keeping.

My real life friends watched from the sidelines my online “friends” in what they described as wild ass animals in my comment sections attacking the men.

I knew then I should have blocked a few of them lol. I hate arguing with girlfriends and if we are able to communicate in a healthy manner I love it more.

A bad friendship is equally just as exhausting a shitty boyfriend. You can feel all the emotions you would in a relationship with a fuck Boy.

Like fuck boys, there is woman emotionally unavailable with their own baggage coming into a friendship with you and unpacking all their shit on you.

You can do like you would a shitty man and hope they change or go through the hellish rollercoaster and jump off when you had enough.

I’ve had some toxic friendships end for crazy reasons. I had a friend want me to date her brother I do and she wanted it to end.

Another admitted to me she didn’t want me doing better than her so she would do things to sabotage things in my life. ( I ended this)

One was so negative it was literally mentally draining to deal with her on a regular basis.

Then others were women in Facebook groups that were angry all the time, refused to divest, but were unpacking toxic traumas and were unwilling to self heal . this brought out a 2-year roller coaster of drama, fights, lies spread and secrets ” exposed”.

Making friendships offline are hard enough to have social media be just as hard is ridiculous.