I never received a 24 dollar ring

I can openly say this I still have a love for my ex-husband but not in the I love him way but he’s family good or bad. We have kids together and I shared 10 years of my adult life with him.  Our marriage ended badly and we were both to blame I take my fault in where I went wrong with him and he hasn’t accepted what he’s done wrong and I am fine with that lol.
He served in the military for over 10 years and contrary to what everyone believes they do not make a lot of money if you don’t believe me look here. Yes, the insurance is paid for (comes out of your check and you never see it ) and you have housing paid for (all is taken if you live on base) but when you first start out it’s hard out there.

The first year we were married my ex-husband was stationed in Japan and I stayed in Texas until he returned back he proposed to me on mother’s day weekend one week before my high school prom and two weeks before my high school graduation, the ring? Looked like the ring on the left.








Let me upgrade you



It was also a universal what I call a “me too” ring it was a universal ring an E-2 would give his new bride fresh out of boot camp or school. It’s also the ring his side chick at the time picked out for me thinking it was for her go figure huh. It took him 3 years 2 children several infidelities and one promotion later to get him to upgrade my ring to a 4-carat heart shaped ring to something similar the to ring on the right.







Which he ended up flushing down the toilet when I found about the new woman he was sleeping with. I say all this to say love is amazing with the right person that has there affairs in order. Let’s not take away the fact that marriage is a business deal. Never at any point settle yourself or your heart for something that’s worth less than a video game for an Xbox or a PlayStation, Now granted my rings were a total of  3 thousand but the person I had wasn’t the right one nor was his mind right to be married. If he is willing to buy Jordan’s, snapbacks, video games and polos but skimps on your ring let’s just say it’s not going to be a wonderful road later on and you will always have to settle for the well at least he bought me this ring. I know people say at least he proposed and I say fuck that and fuck them. I had a shitty proposal along with a shitty meaning in my ring, and it wasn’t even a cut I cared for that may sound materialistic as fuck but I honestly feel what I feel even 14 years later.

  • The person of your dreams would know exactly what would be the perfect ring for you.
  • They would have a proposal executed perfectly because they know you so very well.
  • You will have someone that will plan and save and make it possible to get you something that would last until your 50+ anniversary.
  • The right man doesn’t have to upgrade your ring “when I can” isn’t even in his vocabulary he just handles it.