Are you a passive dater or active?

Scrolling dating apps just because. Ever done it?

Are you annoyed when you know men are there just to be there and pass the time?

I come across some profiles  JUST HERE FOR ENTERTAINMENT


Insert Eye Roll


Oh ok great I set up my wonderful profile, took my quiz just to be some entertainment for some bored broke guy or someone’s husband that keeps sneaking off to Jump on POF during his Mundane work shift.

This is also code for  I’m married  /with someone  / in a relationship but  I turn this app to stroke my ego or out of pure Boredom.


Just word of advice do not jump on Dating apps to pass some time and go on autopilot with them.


Stop it sis.


Honestly, this isn’t a way to date you won’t receive anything of substance from it and you are doing the exact same thing you hate men do and wasting time. Granted online dating is annoying and can be mundane at times, but when you begin to take a shift where you are on autopilot take a little Sabbatical from dating.

I do this a few times throughout the  year and  it honestly part of the reason I can date  like I do.


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