A Surprise Escape: My Unforgettable Engagement Story


A Surprise Escape:

It all began when the Sigma decided to celebrate his best friend’s birthday in a unique way. We planned to visit an escape room on August 13th 2022 with our children, seeking an exhilarating challenge that would bring us all closer together. Little did I know that this innocent outing would soon turn into a life-changing event.

An Unexpected Discovery:

As we navigated through the escape room, solving puzzles and unraveling mysteries, an hour into the game, we stumbled upon a safe. Curiosity took hold, and I couldn’t resist exploring its contents. To my astonishment, nestled inside the safe was a breathtaking engagement ring.

A Moment of Silence:

Emerging from the safe, I found the Sigma  on one knee, I uttered the most heartfelt “yes” that had ever escaped my lips.

An Emotional Lunch:

After the  proposal, we left the escape room, our hearts brimming with excitement. However, it soon became evident that my son was not entirely at ease with what had just transpired. Sensing his sadness, I sat down with him and listened to his feelings, understanding that he and his sister had not been included in the proposal surprise. It was important for me to reassure him of the unbreakable bond we shared as a family.

Heading Back Home:

The following week, as the kids prepared to return to North Carolina, our engagement became a cherished memory woven into the fabric of our lives. Although the initial surprise had brought a mix of emotions, it was essential to acknowledge that at this point I wasn’t entirely sure he was ready to be a husband much less mine and it didn’t escape me , that my son was not on board with this. Shortly after the Sigma purchased a brand new mattress for me and then advised me this was my Christmas, birthday and anniversary present (we were set to celebrate our 2 year anniversary in a few months)







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