Shaking Off the Year of the Cobra: My  Journey from 2023 to the Fresh Start of 2024

The Rollercoaster of 2023: Expectations vs. Reality

2023 started with big plans – losing weight, getting hitched, and settling in Houston. But guess what? Life had other ideas, and it was like playing a game of cosmic bingo with my expectations. Lost weight? Check. Marriage? Nope. Houston? Nah. Job? Laid off. Boredom? Bingo!

What Happened in 2023: The Unfiltered Scoop

I’ll spill the beans on 2023 – the good, the bad, and the hilarious. From misplaced expectations to job shake-ups, it was a year of surprises. But hey, every cloud has a silver lining, right?

How I Turned Chaos into Victory

Losing a job in a boring gig was a blessing in disguise. Within a month, I flipped the script and found a job that pays my worth and aligns with my passion.

The Power of Knowing My Worth

Yeah, the previous job put some extra money in my pockets, but who wants to drown in a sinker of underappreciation? In 2024, I’m taking my career by the horns, making time for what matters and securing those bags – multiple ones.

More Time for Me: Travel, Gym, and Gardening

2024 is all about self-love. More gym time, more travel, more gardening – because, let’s face it, plants don’t ghost you. And, oh, did I mention rebranding my business? It’s time to level up, baby.

Dating Drama: Not a Priority

2023 taught me that love can be a rollercoaster. So, for now, dating is on the back burner. I’m investing time in myself – therapy, yoga, and rediscovering the fabulous person I am. Let’s see if dating makes it to my agenda in 2024.

The Cobra Year Revelation: Shedding Toxicity

The Cobra year, as I fondly call it, taught me the art of shedding. Friends, a man, a zip code, and a job – everything toxic had to go. Therapy, yoga, and a newfound mindfulness became my survival toolkit.

November Update: Still Cooking, Still Cleaning

As November rolled in, the job rollercoaster continued. Laid off a new job offer – the universe was hitting me with the Cobra vibes. Yet, I stuck to my New Year’s tradition of cooking and cleaning. Some things never change, right?

Final Thoughts: Cheers to a True Fresh Start

As the year approaches, I reflect on the highs and lows, the laughs, and the lessons. 2023 may have been a wild ride, but 2024 is my chance for a fresh start. Here’s to securing bags, self-love, and all the hilarity life throws my way!

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