Single in the city: Adonis

*the names have been changed to protect the dates*

Now Adonis is not my first rodeo we actually met 4 years ago in North Carolina when he was in the military and I was going through a very messy divorce he caught me at a different point of my life when he wanted a relationship and I honestly just wanted someone around to help me forget my life briefly . We dated for 4 months and when we  met again, we missed not one beat This man was so different than the one I knew years ago and I liked it, he set up for us to go to bar for the weekend as another date night but changed it to earlier since he would have his son for the weekend I met him there and he showed up with flowers which surprised me we had a fantastic date and even talked about attending high school football games at each other’s school for other date nights the rest of the month




Let’s get ready to Rumble!!!!


Then he sent me what is in the screenshot the next night you know what’s crazy about this he failed to realize that he had already wasted my time. My grandmother before she passed gave me loads of womanly tidbits without me realizing what she was talking about over the last 5 years her pep talks came in handy on numerous occasions this is one. When a man shows you who he believes him don’t change his mind because you are not the one for him if he wants you or wants to change for you he will do it if he doesn’t move the hell on and that is exactly what I did 🙂

Orginal post: September 12, 2015
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