Why you should follow my journey

I understand I am not everyone’s cup of tea.

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I am however someone’s dirty martini (blue cheese olives please)

Who am I really? I’m an unorthodox mom (being a millennial has certain benefits LOL). I am not a helicopter parent and I find myself open and strict at the same time as a mom. I’m not their best friend but my kids are open enough to express their feelings when it’s not compromising our relationship. If that sounds like you we could be besties.

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I am a boss ass chick

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that’s in my mind, in my life, in the moves I make, in every goal that I managed to accomplish, and in every corporate ceiling I break through. I try to excel and master most things I touch also, my attention to detail at times is borderline disturbing sounds like you? Hey girl.

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Now dating

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I am an alpha chick I am strong-minded and dominant. I like what I like and I want someone equally dominant but I also want to feel like a soft girly ass damsel in distress. Yes, I realize how much sense that makes but again I shall repeat I like what I like. I have logical standards and with my life lessons have molded my mindset on what kind of life partner I would like to have at my side.

I realized my energy doesn’t have room for unambitious people and overly sensitive people.

when my energy is off from someone wanting me to bend my necessary boundaries I’ve created I immediately clean up to have them exit my life immediately. Are you a positive energy GateKeeper? Hey girl.

I honestly just want to make you laugh have a possible cleansing cry trigger you in a positive way and give you insight while dating.

Dating is a battlefield and I’m here to give you frontline views on what happens especially if you aren’t quite ready for that battle. I have literally had it all:

  • Hobosexuals
  • Convicts
  • married men
  • insecure men
  • arrogant men
  • “the nice guy”
  •  the liars
  • The narcissist
  • registered sex offenders (yep found this out after searching  him online)
  • men in other countries
  • men in other states
  • the ghosters
  • and my all-time favorite the crumb droppers.

I say this to say I’m an open book and I’m not nearly as shallow as I probably should be.Who I am and all the social media that you’ll see on me is just to give you an insight and a look into dating in this new age so sit back grab your tea and enjoy the ride.

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